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General Veggie Information 
Websites I enjoy:

Informative Vegetarian Nutrition website, recipes, blogs, and resources for the life cycle -- www.vegetariannutrition.net

Information on plant-based diets, recipes and scientific research on the benefits -- www.pcrm.org

Information on plant-based diets and their benefit in fighting cancer -- www.cancerproject.org

Interested in trying meatless visit www.vrg.org -- includes information for all age groups on going meatless, plus recipes.

Recipe links:

www.vegetariantimes.com -- Lots of recipes and great information for all types of vegetarians

www.morinu.com -- Great tofu recipes

www.wholegrainscouncil.org -- Recipes and information about whole grains

www.soybean.org -- Recipes for all types of soy foods by the United Soybean Board

Vegetarian Food Sources:

www.thevegetarianexpress.com -- Offers vegan gravy, soups, entrees and baking mixes that reduce your time in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should you wash mushrooms?
Recent research by Gourmet Magazine says you can wash the mushrooms. They will get a bit soggy on top so let them dry on paper towels about 15 minutes before using in a salad or eating them fresh, but if you are cooking them just put them in the pot and there will be no difference in a washed mushroom and one that is rubbed clean.



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